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Home Front History

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Over the years we have recorded a number of first-hand accounts given by people who experienced life on the Home Front. Our small archive collections include unique historical images of the nation’s Home Front and we hold the only private collection of photographs of the (CCFF) Canadian Firefighters in England 1942-1945.


Photographs and personal anecdotes are examples of the services we provide towards taking forward the legacy of that era. 


Many images in our collection are available in high-resolution for immediate download. They can be licensed for commercial use in books and magazines, newspapers, television programmes, films, websites and advertisements.


We also have access to major collections of unique living history photographs.



WW2 Home Front History
Britain's Home Front History

We welcome research and general enquiries from all Media sectors as well as from Writers, Authors and Educationalists.


We will do our best to answer your initial enquiry as soon as possible and if you would like to engage us to undertake specific research, we will be happy to do so.  


We provide historical guidance to TV and radio programme makers and source interviewees who can talk about their experience of life on the Home Front.


Use of original and re-enactment photo and illustrative material from our resources and those of our partners will be subject to standard fees, terms and conditions stated in advance.


(Reduced rates for Charities and Schools may be offered by discretion)



Tel:  077 483 10996 (Please leave a message if we are not available)

If calling from outside the UK:  + 44 77 483 10996




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