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'Across the Generations, We Remember'

Living History

We are dedicated to promoting the respectful remembrance and portrayal of all those who experienced the war on Britain’s Home Front during WW2 and who through their trials, tribulations and sacrifice made a positive contribution to the freedom that we all enjoy today.



'Living History' has a very real and important role to play...

All over the country the history of the Home Front is becoming ever more popular with thousands of Armed Services re-enactors - men and women who enthusiasically devote their time to portraying as accurately as possible the reality of the WW2 Emergency Services, Police, Air Raid Wardens and Red Cross Nurses and Local Defence Volunteers - all the Home Front services that played such a vital role not only in supporting out forces but also helping defend the nation from Nazi occupation.


Help us to keep the legacy of our Home Front heroes alive…

As the heroes of those years are lost to time it now falls to the re-enactors to help involve and educate new generations by keeping alive the spirit and contribution our servicemen and women made during the desperate war years.



Let us help bring your next event to life

Experienced re-enactors all over the country are regularly available to add an extra and very realistic dimension to important historical military and civilian events.


At Home Front History we have many contacts and resources including a 

a network of national Re-enactment Societies and Groups.


If you are thinking of staging a 1940s themed event then why not contact us to see how we can help.


Over the years we have provided re-enactors to help film and TV producers recreate scenes for major film dramas and documentaries.


For more information about how we can help please contact us.

Why not join up...

If you're thinking of joining forces and becoming a re-enactor then here are some tips on how to get started:


1.  Whether you decide to portray a serviceman, servicewoman or a civilian, it's best to make sure you have a very good understanding of the exact role that person played during the war years.


It's one thing to 'dress the part' but to carry off your portrayal convincingly in public you will need to thoroughly research your role. A good and quick starting point for research is the internet or talk to an established group many of whom are listed on the Friends of the 40s website and Rods 1940s Events.


2.  As with all service personnel either Armed Services or Home Front Emergency Services, it's important that your portrayal is based on actual events and procedures in each theatre of operation. What was protocol in Edinburgh for example may not have been the recognised procedure in Southampton.


3.  When you have decided what portrayal(s) you are happy with you can, by adding period photographs, ephemera and personal items, create an authentic story about your character. For example, your wallet could contain a period bus ticket, a cinema ticket, some photographs, a book of stamps (reproductions are available), some paper money (original and reproductions widely available) and so on.


4.  Original clothing, uniforms in particular, are difficult to source particularly in modern sizes so get some advice on where to buy good reproduction kit.


5. Don’t forget to buy annual Public Liability Insurance. It’s not expensive and could prove very valuable if ever there was a claim against you.


Good luck with your research...

"It is important that we all remember our history and it is to the re-enactors we turn in helping 
to ensure we never forget"
Dame Vera Lynn - OBE DBE OStJ

Our image, taken by Jenny Hutchinson, was chosen by the Cabinet Office of HM Government for use during the VE-DAY 70 Celebrations in May 2015.

Photographs courtesy of Mike Hall, Jenny Hutchinson and Javaid Ahktar

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