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Simply Home Entertainment is the UK's largest DVD and CD mail order business with a database of 400,000+ customers who receive a catalogue featuring over 1000 classic film, TV, documentary and music titles every month.


We operate a popular online store where we offer an extended range of over 5000 titles including new film & TV releases, box sets and more, supported with a range of exclusive offers, including money off and multi-buy promotions.


We also have a separate email subscriber list of over 15,000. Our primary audience is the 50+ demographic with us specialising in classic TV and film. We have an extensive range of classic television and cinema from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond including tons of nostalgic favourites. This collection contains new and remastered editions of popular titles – often packed with exciting new special features and bonus extras making them all the more appealing to audiences who want to reminisce with these titles.


Although the primary appeal with these titles is to the 50+ audience, they also make perfect gift ideas for seasonal occasions such as Christmas, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, which can be targeted amongst amongst other demographics through collections and develop gift guides. We also sell all the current new TV and film releases appealing to a much broader demographic.


Other niches we appeal to are the following:


  • World Cinema – our expansive range of World Cinema is ever-increasing, with critically-acclaimed titles from all over the globe. We have a combination of bestselling mainstream titles, collectables, titles for art-house fans, and award-winning World Cinema.

  • Special Interest – this is one of our most popular ranges of DVDs as we exclusively own the rights to many programmes and are substantially price competitive. We offer a diverse range of subjects, from transportation to war, sports and politics, to travel and home, nature & wildlife and many more. This audience typically tends to be the 50+.

  • Literary Adaptations – as our customers are avid readers and enjoy watching adaptations, we have developed a specific area on our website for film & TV tie-ins. We offer everything from classic to contemporary adaptations, movie & TV adaptations, historical adaptations, crime & detective and sci-fi adaptations. And we have also organised our DVDs by popular authors including Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare and Agatha Christie.

We have hundreds of collections including New Releases, Coming Soon, Box Sets, Audiobook and genre specific collections such as crime, comedy, Westerns, thrillers. Documentaries, music & dance, and more.

I write both military history and historical fiction.


The author royalties from my military history books go to military charities or, as in the case of Herbert Columbine VC,  towards the statue fund.


I keep any royalties from the historical fiction to help pay for the research into the military history, at least that’s the theory! So whichever you buy, you are still doing your bit to help a military good cause.


All fiction books below are published by GWL Publishing and available as eBooks or in paperback from online retailers or from your library. For more information visit my website:

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